Blogging timeout

Dear fashionistas, 
As you have recognised in the past weeks, I have been absent from blogging and my social media platforms. I have started studying at Central Saint Martins this autumn, which I greatly enjoy, it pushes me forward and lets me experiment with my creativity. My studies take up all of my time and therefore I have to prioritise, I do this with a heavy heart but I hope you understand I have to take a time out from meet me stylish.

'Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.' 
- Grace Coddington

Liebe Fashionistas,
wie ihr vielleicht schon bemerkt habt, war es in den letzten Wochen sowohl auf meinem Blog als auch auf meinen Social Media Platforms sehr ruhig. Diesen Herbst habe ich angefangen am Central Saint Martins zu studieren, ich liebe es, es treibt mich voran und ich kann mit meiner Kreativität experimentieren. Leider nimmt dies meine gesamte Zeit in Anspruch und schweren Herzens muss ich eine Auszeit von meet me stylish nehmen, ich hoffe ihr versteht das.

'Halte immer deine Augen offen. Beobachte. Denn alles was du siehst kann dich inspirieren.'
- Grace Coddington

Please be inspired by my mum's blog in the meantime, 
my style shines through hers just for more mature and elegant woman.

Kisses from London,


  1. Best of luck with your studies … and life adventures!


  2. Adorable post and lovely photo! Best Luck!
    Have a nice day!
    xx cvetybaby.com

  3. Taking a break and remembering why you started is always nice for me... blogging is tough. Best of luck with your studies!

  4. Fabulous look, dear ^_^




  5. Good luck with your studies!


  6. you have amazing style just found your blog! Good luck with your studies!

    Infinity of fashion // Lucy Jane


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